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  • Clarksville Educational Article of the Month - How to Identify Squirrel Tracks

How to Identify Squirrel Tracks

Tracing the movement of each Clarksville animal can be a puzzling experience. Nothing spoils a good hunt more than finding the wrong type of species instead of the one you’ve been searching for. Squirrels can be elusive and it can be difficult to identify Tennessee squirrel tracks if you don’t know how they behave.

Clue 1: Dreys
Most of you have probably seen how a Tennessee squirrel’s nest looks like. You can usually find them on top of a tree just like what birds do. A grey squirrel have very particular nest that comes in spherical shape. More often than not, there will be a lot of dried leaves all over it instead of twigs.

Clue 2: Where there’s something to eat
Does your garden look as if some squirrel had eaten most of your vegetables and berries? Clarksville squirrels not only adore nuts and acorns but they will also come over your place to have a taste of your home-grown potatoes, carrots, spuds and turnips.

Clue 3: Treetop
A tree can tell a lot if there’s a Tennessee squirrel within your area. Squirrels love to bite barks along the way and this is a surefire way to learn more clues as to where they’re going. Here aresome little more helpful hints to find a squirrel.
• Bark bites usually appear in vertical line formation
• Scat is often visible at the bottom of the hoarse bark
• If there’s an oak tree, chances are, there’s also a Clarksville squirrel
• A squirrel will often sit on top of a shady tree on a very hot day
• Autumn is the best time to catch a squirrel
• Squirrels stocks up on acorns before wintertime
• Watch out for shredded nutshells and acorn shells

Clue 4: Footprints
As with most animals in the wild, you need to learn a Clarksville squirrel’s walking pattern to lead you to them. Squirrels especially the grey ones are quite active since they don’t need to hibernate. They can be around most days of the year. Although the trails of a squirrel will undoubtedly lead you to a tree, these creatures are not very territorial in nature so you may need to look even further.
• A Tennessee squirrel track may appear similar to a rabbit’s
• Footprints will give an impression of 2 exclamation marks
• Tracks appear with 4 toes for each foot (front)
• 5 toes will appear on the tracks for the rear

So, there you have it. Remember to watch out for feeding signs, woodpiles and scat along the way. Lastly, don’t forget to look up when you’re under a tree.

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