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  • Clarksville Educational Article of the Month - Is squirrel feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Is squirrel feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Is squirrel feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Just like other animals such as rats, squirrel feces or droppings can be considered to be of health risk to humans and other animals. If you have been faced with Clarksville squirrel infestation of your home’s attic for instance, you will likely be advised to wear protective gloves in order to remove such droppings. The odour of the feces itself can be very disgusting.

Squirrel is a known carrier of certain vector-borne diseases. Getting into contact with Tennessee squirrel feces, whether by touching or through inhalation can result in the transfer of Salmonella infection in humans. Salmonella is a bacteria infection that is commonly found in contaminated food, water and air. There has been no evidence that squirrels can cause rabbis in humans, especially through bite or any other form of physical contact. Similarly, squirrels are known to be carriers of ticks and fleas, while ticks can cause some fever in humans, Clarksville squirrels on the other hand may not transmit any disease directly except when you get in contact with , or inhale their fecal materials.

Squirrel feces often appear as brown or black grainymaterials; they are naturally soft but thicken after few hours until they become hard. When left undetected, the feces may breakup and that makes it possible to be inhaled as droplets. Removal of Clarksville squirrel feces is mostly done with the use of protective masks with a gas supply, if possible . The reason being that the removal of squirrel feces can be very difficult especially when they are located in enclosed areas such as the attic.

It is also recommended that vacuum removal is the best option of dealing with Clarksville squirrel feces when handling and inhaling of droplets can pose a serious risk. Zoonotic diseases carried by bacteria and its spores are common with fecal materials of squirrels. Squirrels are quite active during the day while rats are active in the night, and for this reason, the best time to remove squirrel feces is during the night , and then their entry points must be completely sealed off from your home.

It is important to identify squirrel feces, if you want to remain safe when handling them. Pellets of Tennessee squirrel feces are normally thicker in the middle and often come with round edges, though the feces may largely depend on the type of diet, that the squirrel is feeding on. Squirrels often leave some traces of their droppings along their most active paths , especially when they have found their ways into the home , and for this reason, you don’t have to get too close with the feces to inhale them , even droppings along the foundation , door or window can trigger a zoonotic disease , and the first noticeable symptoms of such diseases is fever.

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