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  • Clarksville Educational Article of the Month - How to Trap a Snake

How to Trap a Snake

Using traps is one of the persnickety method to catch Clarksville snakes in the compound. Traps could be administered with some attractants and baits. Since snakes fall under the bandwagon of animals that catch live food, you need to bait your trap with a thawed rodent like Tennessee rats. The effectiveness of these traps depends on the positioning and doing the trapping correctly.

Types of traps
There are various types of snake traps ranging in size and technique. You can find snappy traps which will crush the Tennessee snake’s skull once it gets inside the trap. There are also the live traps which will hold the critter until you decide what to do with it. You also need to find a trap that can accommodate the size of the target snake. Some of the common traps include:

- Professional snake trap
- Snake glue trap
- Glue boards
- Basket traps
- Snap traps

It is almost impossible to poison serpents due to one reason, they kill live animals and devour it whole. A snake cannot feed on dead animals. This is usually a challenge when you need to trap a Clarksville snake. To successfully bait a snake, you need to either get the scent of its prey like mice or find a live mouse. Snakes have a way to detect a prey even in stark dark using their specialized pits and tongues. Always ensure that the bait emits a level of heat or it smells for the trap to work.

Trapping is an art meaning it can be undertaken in numerous ways as long as the job is done. For instance, glue traps are applied in various ways. A glue strip can be laid at the common entrance of a Tennessee snake. The glue can also be placed within a wired trap which is baited, once the snake gets in, it gets caught.

Advanced traps
For the unique Professional Grade Clarksville Snake Trap, it has snake attract dots that draws snakes. The trap is placed flus on the ground in a snake prone region. These dots lure the snake in with the scent great triggers. Its internal multi-chamber is designed with a bio safe adhesive which holds the snake when it enters. The snake is safely ensnared but need to be approached with care. If you need the Tennessee snake dead, you also have the choice of snap traps which will deliver the killer blow to the snake.

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